As the United Kingdom went into full lockdown during the last couple of months, all types of businesses ranging from retail to restaurants were forced to close their doors and stop trading. But as businesses begin to re-open, the need to inspect drainage has never been greater. First Drainage can help.

With social distancing measures bringing down the spread of Coronavirus, the government has now begun to ease restrictions in a phased approach. Many hotel managers and restaurant owners are assessing how to bounce back and deliver their services whilst keeping 2 metres apart, but there is another significant hidden danger that could await businesses that are in the process of re-opening.

Since many commercial properties have been closed and unattended for some weeks, there is a threat emerging from neglected drainage and stagnant water. This water, stored in tanks and the plumbing network of thousands of businesses around the UK could very well pose a health risk if left unchecked. As a result, a number of harmful strains of bacteria are potentially breeding on the high street.

Perhaps the most significant threat is Legionella. Germs in stagnant water can be transferred to the respiratory tract so it is of the utmost important that water is flowing and not left still. When water is dormant for a period of time, the threat from harmful bacteria is increased.

In the first instance, business owners should make sure that water is circulating properly by running the taps and checking their drainage infrastructure. First Drainage can carry out a detailed drainage inspection to make sure there are no blockages or leaks as you re-open your business to the public.

Professional Drainage Inspection for Peace of Mind

Stagnant water can be found in many areas of a property, such as in outhouses or in settlements on the ground. Stagnant water can collect in gutters and gullies, drain pipes, cisterns, and hard to reach places but we have the specialist equipment to identify and solve drainage issues.

Our professional trained drainage engineers will adhere to the governments safe distancing guidelines whilst helping make sure that your commercial property is in tip-top shape to reopen. Engaging the services of a professional drainage team will provide great peace of mind to yourself, your staff, and your clients that your company is doing everything it can to keep people safe.

Stay alert, stop the virus, save lives

For more information on how we can help to inspect pipes, drainage, and water on the property, get in touch with First Drainage today. Stay alert, stop the virus, save lives.

Commercial Drainage Inspections recommended due to Covid-19 lockdown


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