In March, the British government took an unprecedented step to contain the Coronavirus pandemic. As First Drainage are essential key workers, we are still able to solve your leaks and blocks.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced what amounts to a basic lockdown of the United Kingdom, closing schools and instructing people to work from home in order to take the strain off the NHS. In the weeks that have followed, many people have felt confused as to what services are still available to them, and how the drainage industry fits into these uncertain times.

First Drainage are considered to be Key Workers

We are pleased to clarify that the government has recognised drainage engineers as ‘Key Workers’.

Drainage Engineers, Builders and Plumbers are allowed to visit your home because they are an important aspect of keeping the community in good shape. If you have a drainage problem including a blockage, leak, faulty pipes, or a damaged manhole, then it is a matter of health and safety for it to receive attention. This applies to slow running drains and areas that may create stagnant water to leaking sewage.

Whilst our First Drainage engineers are allowed to visit your home or business, it is still very important that some measures are put in place to prioritise the safety of the drainage engineer, and yourself. First Drainage are working hard to adhere to the government guidelines so that you can be sure we are offering the smartest possible drainage service.

First Drainage are working to make sure that there is a safe distance between the client and the engineer, and this should ideally be 2 metres in length. Social distancing is also a large part of the strategy to beat Covid-19, and we support the front-line efforts to defeat this disease.

When contacting First Drainage by phone, email, via our website please make sure to let us know your personal circumstances. The types of things that are helpful for us to know in advance of our visit are:

• Is anyone in your household displaying symptoms of Coronavirus?
• Has anyone in your household been diagnosed with Coronavirus?
• Are their any people in your household classified as ‘Vulnerable’?

The First Drainage engineer may also need to know the specific location of the issue so that we can figure out the safest method of access. We will work in teamwork with you to provide a safe and efficient drainage solution.

We recognise that during these uncertain times, there will be a temptation to ignore drainage problems but please think carefully before doing so. When an issue such as a leak or block is left unattended, it often becomes worse. This can lead to more damage and further expense down the line. The government has recognised that drainage and plumbing issues must be taken care of, so please feel assured that calling us is perfectly ok, and together we will solve your blocked toilet, sink or problematic drain in the smartest way possible. Please contact us today

First Drainage still working during the Coronavirus outbreak


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