At some point all drains need to be cleared out. The inevitable build up of fat, washing detergent, silt, and mineral scale reduce the water flow in the pipe leading to an eventual blockage.

The vast majority of domestic drainage systems in the UK are made up of 100mm and 150mm vitrified clay pipe work. Many drainage systems will have some sort of defect such as misalignment of joints, stepped joints, dipped sections, fine root ingress, fracturing or leaking pipe work too. There are many things that can contribute to blocked or cracked pipes.

Drains sometimes block and clear themselves due to the weight of water that builds up in the system but this can cause issues further down the pipes. Other systems can operate more like a septic tank for many years, given the right ground conditions with the majority of the waste water soaking into the sub-soil through defective joints while solids and waste breakdown within the pipe work. This can become a major problem spreading germs and causing damage to brick work and other structures.

On the other hand, a great many blockages are caused due to fats, cleaning wipes, food and other items being introduced to the system. In all these cases, professional help may be needed to clear the water flow and prevent future problems.

We use professional high-pressure water jetting, which clears the most stubborn blockages without any need for abrasive or corrosive chemicals that can damage the environment and wildlife. By using a high-pressured jetting machine, we are able to blast through obstructions and strip away any deposits to restore fully functional conditions, leaving the drain as good as new.

We will clear your pipes and drains, preventing future blockages and maintaining good health and safety. Please feel free to call for a no obligation quote appointment.

We can also repair man holes, pipe work and provide additional drainage solutions.

To see some of the areas we cover, see the list on this page.

We offer a full range of drainage services including: Drain / Pipe Relining, Drain Excavation, Root Removal, Sinks, Toilets and Baths, Gutters And Gullies, Manual Rodding, Descaling, Manholes Repaired, Pipe Laying, CCTV Inspections & Surveys, Drain Clearing…

Call on First Drainage for blocked or broken drains, water level problems, bellied drains and pipework, tree roots damaging drains, french drainage, ditches, dried concrete in pipes, joint displacements, fat, grease, or detergent in drains. Soakways, clogged or broken pipes, overflowing or leaking septic tanks and cesspits, problems with shared drains, blocked toilets and showers, bad smells, longitudinal cracking in drains…

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