Tree roots are a common reason for blockages to domestic systems and often need to be removed.

Disturbed ground, such as back-filled drainage trenches, make easy passage for roots. Condensation that naturally occurs on the outer wall of the pipe, or moisture from leaking joints can attract roots and help them to grow further down the line.

Tree root ingress is where they gain access to the system via the pipe joints, fractures and cracks. They can also enter inspection chamber walls and benching.

The majority of UK drainage systems are constructed from collar and spigot vitrified clay pipes and these are jointed using sand and cement. Such joints offer little resistance to fine tree roots, and once inside can develop into root masses - reducing the internal space inside the pipe.

Even modern systems installed using rubber sealed couplings are still prone to root ingress if not protected by a root barrier.

The roots inside the pipework cause solids to snag and build up, leading to a blockage. Root damaged joints leak water into the sub-soil which also supports the pipe work, leading to movement of the pipe work and further water loss. Movement of the pipework can also result in complete blockages and structural damage.

Such problems can cause drains to collapse. Above the surface; cracks appear in driveways and pavements. The tree roots can be cut from the drain using Root Cutting equipment powered by high pressure water. We can also repair pipework and drains.

Our expert engineers can remove the roots safely and treat them to ensure they won’t come back. Please feel free to call for a no obligation quote appointment.

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