Welcome to First Drainage Services. Your Number one solution in the Midlands and surrounding outer areas.

We at First Drainage are a family operated company. We were established back in 1996. We really do pride ourselves in offering the very best possible service and competitive solutions to both domestic and commercial clients. If you have a clogged up drain or pipe.. or a related blockage and need drainage assistance urgently, or have an emergency, then please call on us to get water flowing in the right direction. We guarantee that your block, leak, pipework problem or drain will be cleared efficiently and cost effectively.

We offer a vast array of drainage services including: Drains or Pipe Relining, Drain Excavations, Tree Root Removal, Sink, Toilet and Bath, Gutter and Gullie, Manual Drain Rodding, Descaling, Manhole Repair, Pipe Laying, Trench Digging, CCTV Inspection & Survey, General Drain Clearing and more…

Commercial Drainage Inspections recommended due to Covid-19 lockdown

As the United Kingdom went into full lockdown during the last couple of months, all types of businesses ranging from retail to restaurants were forced to close their doors and stop trading. But as businesses begin to re-open, the need…


First Drainage still working during the Coronavirus outbreak

In March, the British government took an unprecedented step to contain the Coronavirus pandemic. As First Drainage are essential key workers, we are still able to solve your leaks and blocks. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced what amounts to a…


Why a Domestic Drainage Inspection is Good for Health and Safety

Health concerns are always on the news agenda these days and people are focused on keeping their families both healthy and safe at all times. Even though sanitising and cleaning surfaces can do a lot to keep your family germ…


A helping hand with drainage following stormy weather

Storms can rage seemingly out of nowhere, and the damage they evoke can be catastrophic. Most home and business owners check their roof and general structure for signs of damage following heavy rain and windy conditions, but storms can also…


Unblocking Sinks, Toilets, and Baths

Gained through many years of experience, the team at First Drainage has seen practically every type of clog imaginable. If you need a skilled response and waterflow restored quickly, we can help. Unblocking Sinks: Service. A sink is an important…


What is Drain Descaling?

Removing some clogs from drains is not as simple as just running a rod into the pipe and breaking up the blockage. Sometimes drains will require a procedure known as descaling. At First Drainage, we are the local experts you…


CCTV Drainage Inspection Service Gloucester

Drains are essential to the smooth running of any home or business. Your drainage system allows grey water and waste to run away from the building, where it is dispersed by the sewage network. Whether you are on a standard…


Commercial Drainage Services offered in Gloucester

Business and domestic properties each have their own set of challenges. 1st Drainage Gloucester is your highly experienced and professionally skilled team. We understand that drainage networks can differ from premises to premises, and as such our service is carefully…


Unblocking Toilets in Gloucester

Drainage issues can arise fast and among the top problems we see are clogged and blocked toilets. If you need help unblocking toilets in Gloucester, we are the local team you can trust. First Drainage Gloucester work quickly to minimize…


What Drainage Services do we offer in Gloucester?

If you are looking for a reliable drainage service in Gloucester and the Gloucestershire area, First Drainage can help with a wide range of local services. Our engineers are available now for help with blocked sinks, baths, toilets, and drains.…


First Drainage have a quick and suitable solution for any drainage problem. The team at First Drainage have the latest cleaning equipment, operated skilled, experienced, engineers. We are dedicated to providing immediate response - often arriving within the hour. We are always on hand 24/7. We are readily equipped to handle your drainage problems no matter how big or small they may seem. All our employees are responsible and undertake their work in a timely, tidy, and professional manner. We can provide free quotations to our clients and are able to give honest, impartial advice regarding the best solution to your drain clearance or other related unblocking needs. We also now offer preventative survey and inspection for home buyers.

In this modern consumerist age, all kinds of unwanted food and waste objects can cause blocked and clogs in drains. From those blockages that are caused by fats and oils - all the way through to dirt and hair build up. We will be sure to get your water flowing correctly in no time at all. We can also take care of the more serious drainage problems such as cracked pipes or collapsed drains, tree root invasion and much more.

It's not just bad smells and odours that need fixing -  drain or pipe problems can be a serious matter of health and safety, since blocked drains can ultimately cause germ problems. They can also impact the environment and wildlife if not treated. Let us make sure your family or work place is provided with a skilled and professional service by the people at First Drainage.

We can also carry out CCTV inspections which prevents unnecessary works and disruption - giving you the best possible value.

Call on the crew at First Drainage for blocked, clogged, or broken drains, water level issues, bellied drainage and pipework, tree roots casing damage to drains, french drainage, ditch issues, dried concrete and other materials in pipes, joint displacements, fat build ups, grease, or detergents in drains. Soakways, overflowing and leaking septic tanks or cesspits, problems with shared drains, blocked toilets, sinks and showers, bad smells, longitudinal cracking in drains…
Blockages can be caused by vermin, or flushing insoluble items like nappies and wet-wipes down the toilet, wear and tear, or gradual deterioration. We cover the midlands and many of the outer surrounding areas. Please take a look at our services and get in touch. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. A list of just some areas and locations that we can cover is on this page. Contact us today.

  • Reparing Clogged, Blocked, Cracked, or Broken Drains and Pipes
  • Cracked or Leaks in Drains or Pipes
  • Septic Tanks or Cesspit Overflow
  • Sewer or Sewer Pit Problems
  • Fractured or Collapsed Drainage


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