Gained through many years of experience, the team at First Drainage has seen practically every type of clog imaginable. If you need a skilled response and waterflow restored quickly, we can help.

Unblocking Sinks: Service.

A sink is an important part of any bathroom or kitchen, but over time they can become obstructed. In bathrooms, blockages tend to come from hair, wipes, and chemicals left behind after our daily hygiene routine. These issues can be alleviated with a simple snake or chemical drain compound, but for the most stubborn bathroom sink clogs, power jetting services may be required. We always recommend that you seek professional help to prevent an issue from becoming worse.

Similar problems can arise with kitchen sinks, however most of these blocks occur due to the excess buildup of grease and food deposits. Again, we offer simply solutions ranging from manual fixes, through to power jetting services.

Unblocking Toilets: Service.

The common toilet has transformed modern life, but when it slows or backs-up into the home, the result can be less than pleasant. Toilet clogs can happen due to the flushing of feminine products or cleaning wipes, and even too much toilet paper. Toilet blockages are rarely something that you should try and tackle on your own. At First Drainage, we have the equipment to properly address the issue and we can also look further into the drainage network with CCTV inspections to see the problem via a live feed.

Unblocking Baths: Service.

Blocked baths tend to suffer the same issues as sinks. Hair building up in the drain, conditioners, and soaps can leave behind a nasty clog. Power jetting services or manually clearing the drain is a great way to alleviate the issue.

First Drainage

Often when blockages need tackling fast, it is tempting to grab the nearest tool to hand and try to free up the blockage by yourself. The issue here is that you can dislodge pipes or seals, or even compound the obstruction which only makes the clog worse. For fast and efficient help, call on the professionals and pay a competitive price rather than make the problem worse.
First Drainage have the skill and experience to restore proper water flow in a timely manner. We often find that simple blockages are easy to fix, and we have the specialist equipment necessary where the issue is more advanced. Call on us and save yourself the hassle of dealing with blocked toilets, baths or sinks.

Unblocking Sinks, Toilets, and Baths


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