Storms can rage seemingly out of nowhere, and the damage they evoke can be catastrophic. Most home and business owners check their roof and general structure for signs of damage following heavy rain and windy conditions, but storms can also have a serious impact on the drainage system. At First Drainage, your home or business drains are our specialty and we want to ensure that no matter how terrible the weather becomes, your drains are running smoothly when you need them.

Septic Backups

A septic backup can be attributed to too much paper in the toilet or a large object flushed into the system, but problems can also stem from rainwater flooding the system. If you notice slow drains or toilets backing up into the home, contact First Drainage straight away. We want to help you alleviate your drainage issues quickly to keep your home or business safe in all weather conditions.

Cracked Drains

Cracked drains are an inevitable fact and many small cracks can go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. When storms come around your drain pipes take a pummeling, and so a small fracture can become a complete break without warning. With our specialised CCTV drainage inspections, we can assess any damage and determine where the break or crack is without disturbing unnecessary ground. Tree roots and other debris can be blown down into the drains causing obstructions and structural issues. Let First Drainage take care of damaged drains and pipes.

Insurance Claims

Admin concerning your home or property owner’s insurance is another task that we can help with following storm damage. At First Drainage we sometimes can bill your insurance agency directly or provide you with written notes and costings to help with the process of making a successful insurance claim. Check your policy to see if you qualify for an insurance claim for drainage issues. When you are looking over your property’s roof, walls, and foundations following a storm, never forget to have a specialist investigate the drain system as well.

First Drainage

Contact First Drainage directly after a storm or adverse weather conditions to ensure your drains are working properly. We have the expertise to maintain your drains or fix blocks and leaks. Using the right equipment for the right job, we can solve drainage issues quickly and efficiently. A small investment can prolong the life and value of your home or business, so count on First Drainage.

A helping hand with drainage following stormy weather


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