Removing some clogs from drains is not as simple as just running a rod into the pipe and breaking up the blockage. Sometimes drains will require a procedure known as descaling. At First Drainage, we are the local experts you need to improve flow in your home or commercial drains. To better understand what descaling is, here is some further information on this professional drainage service.

What is Drain Descaling?

Descaling is a process of removing buildup, debris, and rust from drain pipes. There are two methods for descaling. The first, and oldest method involves scraping the interior of the drain with an abrasive tool. Naturally, this method takes a lot of extra work and is simply impractical for certain areas of drain systems.

The second, more modern method involves the process of power jetting, where clogs are removed through high pressure water. Descaling utilises special chemicals that essentially clean the interior of the drain without the having to manually clear rust or other remnants.

When do I need Drain Descaling Services?

Older drainage systems that have become slow to empty may be suffering buildup from rust, calcium, or other minerals. If you notice your drains flowing out slower than normal or backing up into the home, it is time to call First Drainage. Our expert drain descaling engineers have the tools and the skill to determine if descaling is right for your issue.

Why is Descaling Beneficial?

Apart from the obvious reason of getting your drain system working properly again, descaling has other benefits. Firstly, the procedure is completely non-invasive, so you need not worry about anyone digging up your drains for the procedure.

Secondly, drain descaling can actually lengthen the life span of your existing drainage infrastructure. With proper maintenance from a qualified drain specialist like the team at First Drainage, your drain system can last many years longer.

When to Contact First Drainage

At First Drainage, we help you maintain all the drains in your home or commercial space. No job is too large or too small for our top drainage experts. If your drains seem a little slow, or backup into your home or office, contact us straight away.

We work to help improve drain systems and keep water and waste moving out of your property effectively. Let us prove to you that we are the drainage professionals you need. Contact us today.

What is Drain Descaling?


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