Blocked sinks, toilets or baths - bad news. If the pipes connected to your bathroom are blocked, the nasty waste can build up and this will create a blockage. This usually occurs when kitchen or bathroom sinks, showers, toilets or baths are not regularly cleaned. This is further exacerbated by the flow of unwanted materials – from cooking oils to sanitary products – that help to create build-ups in drainage systems which lead to blockages.

First Drainage UK is a 24/7 emergency blockage and drainage specialist service. They are proud members of the trades reputation website – You can find their profile here: First Drainage has over 20 years of experience in drainage solutions. The First Drainage team are the number one drainage solutions provider in the Midlands area. So why not get in contact to fix your blockage issues today?

How can you tell if your sinks, toilets or baths are blocked? Understanding these early signs can help you save time and money. If you contact a drainage specialist before an overflow occurs you could save further money on carpet and other item repairs. So here are a few signals that your drains are not working to full capacity.

Slow draining water in sinks and high water intake in toilets are tell-tale signs that there is a local blockage. This means a blockage in the piping leading to the external drainage system. However, the problem could be an external drainage problem. Either way you will need an experienced drainage specialist to examine your drainage system – perhaps even utilising a CCTV evaluation to find the source of the blockage.

Remember blocked sinks, toilets and baths can cost money. Overflow and blockages can create household damages. According to Money Saving Expert, the cost of blockages in insurance terms costs the UK nearly £ 2 billion pounds a year. That is why it is crucial to make sure you know the early signs and that you have access to high quality drainage specialists who can help remove blockages.

Why not book a call-out from First Drainage UK’s experienced and qualified drainage specialists today?

Simply call 0800 311 8758 or contact them online to book your callout today. Remember, you need a local drainage solutions provider who understands local needs. First Drainage are a local Midlands drainage company and they cover the following areas: Hereford, Worcester, Malvern, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Blocked sinks, toilets and baths – Signs you may have blockage


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