Being prepared means you are alerted to any and all issues or problems that could arise from your new or old property.

This is a good maxim when considering buying a house – regardless of whether it is a new-build or an old house. You should seriously consider booking a full CCTV inspection, so you can understand the structural environment of your drains. You need to understand the drainage assembly you will be inheriting so you can understand any future issues or problems.

That’s why getting a simple Chartered Surveyor’s analysis isn’t enough. It might be enough to get your mortgage approved. However, it might not be enough to give you peace of mind for the next five to ten years. By contacting, you can undertake a full CCTV inspection that can help to identify issues before they even become major issues!

The core issue is that in older properties especially, drainage systems may be liable to a range of diverse problems. These could be tree root ingress which could play havoc with your entire drainage system. You need to understand how structurally safe your drainage network is and what type of environmental problems could be festering underground. By undertaking a full CCTV analysis, you can be sure that your drainage network is being monitored by professionals. Action can be taken and you can save money over the long-term.

You can get peace of mind that one our engineers have viewed and evaluated the survey footage of your drain. Using the latest video technology and analysis tools, they will advise you on the best course of action to deal with your drainage problem. Please contact. FirstDrainage’s team will make sure you get the best outcome and will manage your project with the highest standards of professional excellence.

First Drainage UK is a 24/7 emergency blockage and drainage specialist service. We are proud members of the trades reputation website – You can find their profile at First Drainage has over 20 years of experience in drainage solutions. The First Drainage team are the number one drainage solutions provider in the Midlands area and beyond. So why not get in contact to fix your blockage issues today?

Why not book a call-out from First Drainage UK’s experienced and qualified drainage specialists today? Simply call 0800 311 8758 or contact us online to book.

Remember, you need a local drainage solutions provider who understands local needs. Whatever drainage problems – from unblocking drains, blocked sinks, unblocked pipes, blocked pipes, unblock bath or unblocking toilets – you can trust our team to deliver. First Drainage are a local Midlands drainage company covering the following areas: Hereford, Worcester, Malvern, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

CCTV Inspections for Home Buyers and Home Owners


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