Winter is a time of fun in the snow, but is also a time where you need to be concerned about the plumbing system within your home. As Winter calls, make sure your pipes are in check, because the last thing you want to do is be out fixing a cracked pipe in freezing temperatures.

Here is a handy guide for what you need to know and how to be ready for the change in temperatures.

Why Pipes Burst

Water is a vital life source. We need it in seemingly every aspect of our lives, but the structure of the cool flowing liquid that we all crave changes as it freezes. Water expands when it becomes ice and when it is trapped within our plumbing systems, or drains, there is often nowhere to go but out - by any means. The system can usually handle a few of these expansions and contractions, but over time the constant pressure will weaken the structure of the pipe or drain, causing it to ultimately crack or burst.

Keep the Drains Clear

Plumbing maintenance is not just for the water coming into your home. It is also for the water leaving via the drainage system. You have to keep your drains maintained throughout your home or business premises. This care includes keeping gutters free of debris so water can flow freely, and more importantly keeping your interior home drains clog free. Only toilet tissue is supposed to be flushed - not surface wipes. Never pour grease down the sink as it can clog it quickly.

Prevent Freezing Pipes and Drainage

Prevention is your best defense against the cold. Make sure that all of your exposed drainage and piping is properly insulated. Insulation can come in the form of foam batting or heated tape. It seems like a very small aspect of home maintenance, but it makes a very big difference when the temperatures begin to dip. You can also clear many blocked drains by using a small amount of hot water to loosen any clog caused by excess grease or buildup. But if the block looks serious, get the professionals in. First Drainage can diagnose the issue fast and provide a fixed price on many occasions. Don't risk damaging frail pipes, First Drainage have many years experience with all types of pipe related problems and we can restore order in no time.

Your plumbing is a vital part of home life, so you need to make certain that everything is maintained. First Drainage provide spot checks, CCTV inspections, and maintenance services.

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Prepare your drains and pipes for the cold weather ahead


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