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Service: Drain Clearing, Drain Unblocking, Repairs. Bromsgrove. B60 – B61

If you need a skilled team to clear or unblock your drains and pipes, consider First Drainage. Regular pipe maintenance is essential to prevent future blockages. If you have a clog or a problem with flowing water, contact us and we will get it sorted. Flowing water is an essential part of good health and safety levels and home or in the work place. Contact First Drainage.

Service: Manual Rodding. Bromsgrove. B60 – B61

Did you know that Manual Rodding can be an easier process than alternative methods like Drain Jetting? Manual Rodding is also a great idea where access to the drain is difficult. Our trained and professional crew will solve your block, clog, or issue in no time at all. We take pride in our work and clear any mess. Contact us.

Service: Root Removal. Bromsgrove. B60 – B61

Tree roots running through your pipework will cause solids to snag and build up, leading to a blockage. Root damaged joints then leak water into the sub-soil which also supports the pipe work, leading to movement of the pipe work and further water loss. Movement of the pipework can then also result in complete blockages and structural damage. Contact us today.

Service: Guttering & Gullies. Bromsgrove. B60 – B61

Falling leaves and debris are washed from your roof into your gutters and all this accumulates over time. The gutter has to then support far more weight than it was designed for. If water is not free flowing it can cause cosmetic and structural damage to all the surfaces of your home. This can be a problem waiting to happen. Contact us today.

Service Man Hole Replacement & Repairs. Bromsgrove. B60 – B61

Whether your manhole has fully collapsed, or the cover is broken, we’ll be able to repair the issue professionally using advanced grouts and resins, ensuring the fix is a permanent one. We can also replace old broken manholes to prevent further damage if needed. Contact us today.

Service: Pipe Laying and/or Trench Digging. Bromsgrove B60 – B61

You can be assured that we are fully qualified. We take pride in laying pipes and digging to a very high professional standard. Laying new pipes and plumbing is one of the hardest improvements to undertake and it can be expensive and dangerous if you get it wrong – so hire a professional for best results. Contact us today.

Service: Descaling. Bromsgrove. B60 – B61

We offer a professional service to descale your drains quickly. A specialist tool is used which goes down into the drainage system returning your drain to full flow capacity. Descaling is often needed in hard water areas too. Count on us to offer a professional service. Contact us today.

CCTV Survey & Inspection. Bromsgrove. B60 – B61

If you already have a drainage problem or are just keen to avoid one in the future, please get in touch. A camera is pushed or driven along the pipe while the engineer watches a moving picture on the TV monitor. An advantage of CCTV is that it can diagnose any potential problem below ground or above ground, in areas not readily accessible. Contact us today.

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Bromsgrove B60 – B61


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